Harvest International Planter Builds

This page will give you the opportunity to look at a few Harvest International Planters that we have built. Our hope is that this will give you an idea of what the builds and progressions of these types of planters would look like. It should also give you the opportunity to see some of these planters with our products on them.

Harvest International Ultraplant Series 40

This 16 row planter is equipped with vSet/vDrive for metering, driving, and clutching. It has DeltaForce to control the down and lift pressure. Both of these components are being controlled by the Precision Planting 20/20. This planter is also equipped with two fertilizer (2×2 trough Sunco Fertilizer Coulters) systems using Agxcel Gx2 and Gx4. To create a clean seed trench, this planter uses Martin Till Row Cleaners. All of these products are built around the Shoup Intellirow Row Unit.