John Deere Planter builds

This page will give you an opportunity to look at a few different John Deere Planters that we have built. Our hope is that this will give you an idea of what the builds and progression of these types of planters would look like. It should also give you an opportunity to see some of these planters with our products on them.

John Deere 1770 nt

This 16 Row Planter has 2 hydraulic drives for seed control through a JD 2630 while its down force is being controlled by DeltaForce and the Precision Planting 20/20. Its fertilizer system (2×2 through a John Deere Coulter), which is also controlled by the 20/20 is individual row vApply Modules that are fed by a ground drive piston pump. Finally, this planter is equipped with Precision Plantings Cleansweep paired with Martin Rowcleaners.

John deere db60

This DB60 is equipped with dual fertilizer monitoring systems called Flowsense which is being fed by a dual product John Blue Piston Pump. It has DeltaForce for downforce, and vSet/vDrive for metering, driving, and clutching.

John Deere 1770 nt (26 Row)

This 26 Row 1770 NT is seen here as a second year planter being equipped with a state of the art 2 product vApply HD system. Each row will be equipped with a module for its 2×2 and In-Furrow system that will allow it to output 25+ Gal/Ac at 8 MPH, which is what the grower will require, and to shut-off instantly at a row-by-row basis. This system is top of the line with robust features through the 2020 allowing growers and operations as much control over their fertilizer systems as they could ever want.