The simple solution for steering in tall crops

Your self-propelled applicator’s guidance system is optimized for bare ground and good A-B lines. The 360 Guide Steering System is an add-on that lets your existing guidance system maintain ideal middle-of-the-row position when A-B line accuracy isn’t enough. The system uses feeler wands and sensors to measure the position of the machine in the row. The system “teaches” your system the right position by correcting the GPS coordinates based on the exact position of the sprayer in the row. The 360 System connects between the GPS globe and the OEM controller. It takes the GPS position provided by the globe, adjusts it and sends a correct position back to the steering controller. That means there is no new controller monitor required – run your guidance system just like you always do – with corrected signals that keep you centered.


Tactile wands measure the position of the applicator in the row. A rugged mounting frame attaches to the front of the applicator and provides a rigid platform of the sensor base. The system works in row widths from 20- to 38-inches.


The 360 Steering system intercepts the applicator’s GPS signal and corrects the lat/long position based on wand sensor data. If applicators drift from A/B line, planting errors or topography changes – the correct positioning data keeps the applicator on track.


The riser support can be installed and removed in just minutes. A magnetic breakaway system protects the sensor base from ground impact. The system is available for John Deere R-Series, 4730 and 4830 applicators equipped with John Deere Autotrac and for Hagie STS10 and STS16 applicators equipped with Raven Smarttrax steering systems. The 360 Steering System ties into existing auto guidance control in your OEM display. It uses an iPad-based app for calibration and set up, then turns operation and control over to the OEM guidance display.