Capacity and balance for in-field productivity

New liquid nitrogen tanks from 360 Yield Center deliver the things you need for an efficient on-planter nitrogen system: weight balance, capacity, visibility, and accessibility.

These sleek 700-gallon capacity tanks follow the contour of your John Deere 8000R tractor – providing improved front and side visibility compared to other mid-mount and front mount tanks. And the unique shape and mount positions provide better fore and aft weight distribution – to minimize pinch-row compaction. And, unlike most mid-mount tanks, the 360 liquid nitrogen tanks do not increase transport width.

Two 350-gallon poly tanks are supported by a rigid steel support frame that mounts to the tractor frame and weight bracket. Tanks include baffles, sumps and rinse ports.


The high-capacity tanks keep the weight distribution more similar to the original tractor set up. That minimizes the front axle loading and compaction compared to front mounted tanks.


The support frame is a modular design for easier shipping and installation. The frame cradles the poly tanks providing a secure and solid platform.


If you need a complete system, you can add hydraulic pump, hoses and pump mount kit to your 360 TANK system.

The low-profile tank design improves front and side visibility. The tanks do not add to transport width. And, you still have access to the tractor’s side panels for servicing.

Systems are now available for select models of John Deere 8000R series tractors. Check with your Dealer to find exact model availability.