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What we have to offer!

Precision Planting

Premier aftermarket planter, combine, and sprayer upgrade system in the industry.


Many offerings for aftermarket technology. Our favorite option for autosteer. No-one better.

Harvest Int.

Premier planter bars, strip-till bars, and high-speed disks. Most well built in the industry.


Aftermarket row cleaners, closing wheels, and weight transfer systems. Other iron offerings as well.


Premium camera solutions.


Main line of cameras for DakotaMicro and one of the leaders in agriculture.

Command Hydraulic

High-grade PTO pumps for running planters.


Offer a wide variety of ground engaging parts for planters and other ag equipment.


Planter tanks for liquid systems.

Parker Hyd.

We are not a parker dealer, but we have a wide variety of hydraulic parts on hand.


Liquid control products through ISO or stand alone systems.

SI Distributing

Aftermarket wear parts for most equipment.


Aftermarket wear parts for all equipment and priced really well.

Digi Farm

RTK solutions with the best pricing in the industry.

360 Yield Center

Nitrogen Solutions on planters and sprayers.


Our favorite option for opener blades and parallel arm rebuilds.

Granit CFC

Premium wear parts and tractor parts. Merged with CFC Dist.


Premium graphite & talc at a great price. Diverse Options.


High grade opener blades for all equipment.


Closing wheel & other planter hardware upgrades.


Nitrogen Solutions on planters and sprayers.

Agro Liquid

A fertilizer company that specializes in maximizing efficiencies in a number of different crops. To learn why we started using AgroLiquid and who they are click below.
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Amazone is our newest line. They deal in a number of pieces of equipment, but primarily for us they offer a state-of-the-art spreader that allows an incredible amount of precision and accuracy. Click below to learn more.
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