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What is Nutriq?

Nutriq technology optimizes plant nutrition uptake. That means activating available nutrients when the time's right, avoiding unwanted issues by using consistent blends and a uniform manufacturing process, and maximizing your crops full potential through nutrient synergy.
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AgroLiquid has a number of products that range from; nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, secongary nutrients, micronutrients, micro packages, multinutrient, brofertilizer, and other complementary products. For more info click the button below then navigate to products.
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AgroLiquid Crops & Application

AgroLiquid has products tailored for many crops and application types. Crops; Alfalfa, Almonds, Apples, Corn, Cotton, Grape, Potato, Soybeans, Sugarbeet, Wheat. Application; Aerial, Pivot, Drip, Fertigation, Foliar, In-furrow/Starter, Sidedress, Y-Drop.

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Reach out to us at 517-308-9950 or if you're more comfortable talking to one of AgroLiquid's agronomists click the button below. Make sure you tell them who sent you!
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This is the question that we get the most often. Why did we choose to sell ArgoLiquid? The answer is simple, but it’s also not. Foremost, they care. This is something that, frankly, most ag retailers can’t boast of. Secondly, they have the same goals to serve the Ag community by supplying the best products they can, to tailor those products to help each farm individually, and to stand behind whatever they do with the most knowledge in the industry. These are the ideas they strive to emulate, and we do the same.

AgroLiquid makes this super easy for us. They have one of, if not the best delivery systems in the business. If you choose to work with us, you get the same products, at the same price, but you get us. You get our phones, our knowledge, and our drive to help you better your farms. We stand behind everything we do and AgroLiquid will be not exception.

AgroLiquid is the premium fertilizer company in the state of Michigan and beyond. If you want cheap, they can do it, but that’s not what they’re all about. Their Nutriq technology makes your application go further. so, pound for pound AgroLiquid is usually more expensive, but you’re getting their special sauce (Nutriq) in each product and that generally makes your rates come way down.