Select the update below based on whether you have a Generation 1 or Generation 2 Monitor. You may determine which you have based on your “power switch.” If you monitor has a “rocker switch” (toggle switch) select Gen. 1 and if you have a push button select Gen. 2.

**Important note** – If you are in a version that is NOT 2016.x then you will be required to go through a non-standard installation process. Before installing the update you will need to back-up your “Old-Map Data” & “Field Map Data” to a data stick (unless you have it back-up to an iPad). Once this is one you may proceed with the process below. If you had to put the data to a stick, after installation of the update, “import” the information back into the monitor. For any questions please call 269-274-8395.

For the traditional update:

Power-up 20/20 / Insert Data-Stick / “SetUp” box / “Data” tab / “Software Update” box / Select Update Version / “Enter” Box / Follow Dialog Boxes
Version 2016.4 (5/03/16)

Gen. 1 SeedSense Update

Gen. 2 SeedSense Update

Select the above version that meets your needs. Once downloaded open the folder the file is located in. Select the file and copy it into you removable drive (data stick). Then follow the steps above. The update will not show up on the 20/20 if it is located in a “folder” on the stick.



For updating your 20/20 during harvest you will follow the same steps that are listed above for this springs 20/20 seed sense.

Version 3.04.0 (1/15/2016)

Gen. 1 YieldSense Update

Gen. 2 YieldSense Update


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