PM Precision Ag.Here at PM Precision Ag, our goal is to provide great products and services to every customer. We are a full service precision technology company offering support and products for planters combines, sprayers, tractors, and more. We also specialize in custom tool bars for planters, tillage, and side dress applications. Click on the “Contact Us” button below for an easy way to contact us.Contact Us

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Here at PM Precision Ag, our goal is to provide great products and services to every customer. We evaluate each customer’s operation to recommend the best products and technology, along with the service and training. Let us use our trained staff and more than 15 years of experience with growers to help you maximize yield and profit potential. Our experience with the technology available, and how it applies to every farm, goes a long way in dealing with the agronomic challenges we, as farmers, encounter every day. Challenges due to high input costs, fluctuating markets, and rising land prices make it more important than ever to maximize your return from every acre.  We believe we need to take farming by the acre to farming by the foot.

Let us help you with products from the start of planting through the end of fall harvest. Whether you are looking for help setting up a new planter or upgrading what you have, we have the products and the experience to get it done.  If you are in need of Precision products, a downforce system, new meters, GPS guidance, Auto Steer, AgCams, spreader controls, sprayer controls, yield monitoring, or mapping, we can help. We offer full season products and services, so let us be your one stop resource!

Precision Planting® and other product names are registered trademarks of Precision Planting, LLC and are used by permission. PM Precision Ag is a Precision Planting dealer located in Charlotte, MI, and may be contacted at (517)230-2824. Precision Planting has not reviewed this promotional material.


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